( Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Qassimi) 

I am extremely happy to greet you as the patron of this institute. University of Calicut has championed the concept of distance learning in bringing the expatriate pupils of different nationalities in general and the Indian community in particular in the mainstream of education. We have tie up with the university since it caters to around 150,000 students from different parts of the world through various courses. 

The whole purpose of education in a country like UAE is to develop and enhance the potential of our human resources and progressively transform it into a knowledge society. The knowledge society will be a society producing products and services that are rich in both explicit and tacit knowledge, thus creating value added products. The twenty-first century belong to the knowledge society and it has opened up tremendous opportunities in every field. The educational institutes have a vital role to utilize this opportunity and become incubators of knowledge creation and innovation. My best wishes to all the faculty and students of Horizon of Knowledge, success in their mission of empowering students with unique skills for making them contribute to the needs of the industry for accelerating the national growth process. May God bless you. 


Mr.Yahya Thalangara 

It’s a pleasure to greet you all to our family. I call it a family rather than an institution because we are not just going to equip you with professional training and knowledge but also try to inculcate in you values and principles that will guide you all in your future life. We complement the role that is played by your family at home. In other words, our endeavor is to make you in to better human beings.  According to John Ruskin, an English critic “Education does not mean teaching people to know what they do not know; it means teaching them to behave as they do not behave.” In the contemporary society where moral values are deteriorating what we need is a generation of young hearts and minds that would uphold values. 

Education is not just mugging up facts nor is it graduating with top grades. Education is a process that makes us mature enough to discriminate between right and wrong. It guides us to be morally strong, always fight against injustice, and always overcome your inner weaknesses and temptations. This is the golden period of your life where you can fulfill the ambition of your life, a time that will mould your future- a  time to work hard and become achievers. But this is also the period where distractions will come your way in different shapes and forms. We, as a family are here to guide you to take the right path and become successful in life- both professionally and personally. 

I take upon this opportunity to advise you to take your studies seriously and make the best of all the facilities that are provided to you. I would appreciate if you would bear in mind the moral guidelines that would make you proud members of our family. It will also make you role models for generations of students that will be a part of this family. Help us to help you in making yourself better human beings and in building a global society built on strong ethics.

Managing Director

Prof.Mohammed Rahmathulla 

Welcome to HOK, one of the most progressive and innovative place of higher learning in UAE. I express my gratitude to you for choosing this institute as a place for higher learning. I hope we can justify your decision.

I have been astounded and deeply gratified to the patron of this institute Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Qassimi, member of  the ruling family, Sharjah and chairman Mr. Yahya Thalangara who is a well known industrialist and philanthropist for their whole hearted guidance.

The academic caliber of our teaching faculty-Professional educators who are at the forefront of their subject areas-and our innovative project driven and student based curriculum shall raise standards for those graduating and find satisfying employment in business and industry. So your study includes class room teaching, Industrial visit and seminars by the experts in the respective field. So I request you to utilize the facilities provided by the institute and come out with flying colours. Also I request you to abide the rules and regulations of the institute and for any complaints don’t hesitate to contact the academic counselor. Wish you all success. 

Academic Director

Prof.M.Abdul Kader

“If you want one year of prosperity, grow seeds.

If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees.

If you want one hundred years of prosperity, grow pupils.”


Today’s pupils’ form tomorrow’s society. A careful education, training and nurturing will bring out the best in each pupil.


Pupils living in fear of underperformance do not spontaneously learn to be top performers. Pupils who are supported and encouraged within a system that requires outstanding performance will respond accordingly. Our aim is to provide the best education and training to the students so that they succeed in their future endeavor.


We welcome all of you to the HOK family.